Rebecca on
The Morning Blend

Rebecca on WTMJ's The Morning Blend in Milwaukee to promote Where War Ends.


Where War Ends on MSNBC

Where War Ends co-author Tom Voss appeared on MSNBC with Craig Melvin.


Where War Ends in the News

The New York Times

Letter to the Editor

The New York Times published a letter to the editor written by Rebecca and Tom, and featuring Where War Ends.

Publisher's Weekly


Where War Ends is featured in Lynn Garrett's article, "Making it Personal: Memoirs of Faith Teach and Reassure Readers."



Where War Ends is featured in Rachel Kramer Bussel's article, "Why War Books by Veterans Will Always Be Popular."


Author Interview

Interview with Where War Ends author
Rebecca Anne Nguyen

Rebecca discusses how to help a loved one who's facing moral injury.


Where War Ends on
FOX News

Where War Ends co-author Tom Voss on Cavuto Live.


Where War Ends on
KTLA Los Angeles

Where War Ends co-author Tom Voss on KTLA Los Angeles.


Where War Ends on
ABC10 San Diego

Where War Ends co-author Tom Voss on ABC in San Diego.


Other Media, Profiles & Interviews

USA Today

"It's all about me: What's that all about?" (Christopher Elliott, USA Today)

Quoted (as Rebekah Voss)

US News & World Report

Featured (as Rebekah Voss)

"Living abroad? Expat taxpayers face special challenges" (Molly McCluskey, US News & World Report)

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"Iraq veteran featured in documentary about walk from Wisconsin to California publishes memoir" (Meg Jones, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Feature interview


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