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by Rebecca Anne Nguyen

Promotional graphic for the romantic comedy Hypotheticals, written by Rebecca Anne Nguyen. A male therapist in a yellow shirt sitting in a white chair across from a female client in a white shirt sitting in a yellow chair.

World Premiere Wisconsin staged reading

Claim your WPW passport to see this and other world premiere plays

across Wisconsin thru June 30, 2023. 


Staged reading of Hypotheticals

Monday, May 15, 2023 @ 7pm

Sunstone Studios 123 Studio Theatre

127 E Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

(414) 763-5720

About the play

“Hypotheticals” is romantic comedy about a beautiful but misanthropic woman who kisses a stranger in an elevator on her way to psychotherapy. When the stranger turns out to be her new therapist, they’re forced into a professional relationship where the intimate environment is as fertile for romantic tension as it is for personal growth—until the revelation of a mutual secret threatens to bind them together or tear them apart.

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