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Book Rebecca to speak

Rebecca Anne Nguyen is a keynote speaker and breakout speaker whose topics include writing, creativity, content design, and book publishing. To find out more about booking Rebecca to speak at your live or virtual conference or event, contact her! 

Rebecca Anne Nguyen speaker demo reel

Rebecca's speaker demo reel includes talks from Confab content strategy conference and LPL Financial, plus an author interview about Where War Ends.

Breakout: 10 content design artifacts to supercharge your workflow

At Confab 2022, Rebecca introduced ten key artifacts to help content designers and strategists work more efficiently and demonstrate their value. 

Breakout @ Digital Summit Kansas City: Almighty Artifacts

Rebecca shares her top 3 content design artifacts with senior digital marketers at DSKC. 

Creativity @ LPL Financial: Fire your inner expert (and become a competent wonderer instead)

Rebecca's talk on ditching our obsession with expertise and collaborating from a place of curiosity and wonder.

More talks!

Zooming with writers and designers about craft, content, and creativity.

UX content design media & mentions

My chat with Larry Swanson on the Content + AI podcast, where we discuss my shift to working with GenAI. 

Spoiler alert: my Indeed Design article, 3 must-have content design artifacts, is #1!

"As content professionals, we’ve always had to wear a lot of hats, but now the rest of the world is catching on—and proactively assigning work to make the most of specialized skill sets."

"Every content strategy team needs artifacts to help you do your best work, collaborate better, and help non-content folks understand what the heck you do, anyway."

Streamline your workflow and increase your influence on a UX product team with these must-have tools.

Indeed Design article featured in The Dash UX writing and content design newsletter. 

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